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Let courts speed up criminal trials, says ex-Bar president

The public authority should alter the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) to permit courts to assist criminal preliminaries, particularly offenses that convey capital punishment, a previous Malaysian Bar president said.

Salim Bashir said Section 172B of the CPC presently just permits the courts to assume an administrative part.

“Under typical conditions, the public investigator, who is likewise the principal legal officer, will give assent just after acquiring the fundamental proof and records to empower the exchange (of a genuine case to a higher court for preliminary),” he said, adding that the requirement for assent recorded as a hard copy before an exchange to a High Court ought to be rejected.

All things considered, he said, the presence of an appointee public examiner as the agent of the public investigator ought to be permitted as inferred assent.

The legal counselor was remarking on a case announced by FMT recently, where five men held for almost a year on murder accusations were given a release not adding up to a vindication (DNAA).

The men, who were held in remand at the Ulu Choh jail in Johor since Dec 24 last year, were not conceded bail as they were confronting the death penalty as murder blamed.

They were at long last accused of causing hurt with a risky weapon and a justice conceded them bail when they asserted preliminary to the new charge.

Salim said while the CPC states that “preliminary will start 90 days after a blamed is charged”, that isn’t occurring in complex cases.

He said it was likewise reasonable for the arraignment to accelerate endeavors in acquiring records from important offices like the scientist division and government medical clinics.

On account of the five men, it was uncovered that they had been delivered in the judge’s court multiple times over the previous year while anticipating the after death report and assent from the public examiner to move the homicide case to the High Court.

Attorney A Srimurugan said allowing bail ought to be the standard and holding detainees in remand before they are viewed blameworthy ought to be an exemption.

“Just the individuals who are probably going to mess with witnesses and proof ought to be in jail,” he said.

Srimurugan said it was crooked to permit a charged to grieve in jail for quite a while anticipating preliminary, because of procedural deficiencies.

“Judges can’t crease their arms and stay quiet observers when the freedom of the charged is in question,” he said.

Srimurugan said an individual who is absolved of a capital offense can’t look for remuneration for the deficiency of freedom.

The legal counselor said the CPC ought to be revised to give makes a decision about more ability to urge the arraignment to start preliminary quickly or give the charged a DNAA.

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